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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  December 19, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning. we are following a developing story. lanes are shut down on softbound 680 after a delivery truck filled with packages slams into a freeway sign killing the driver. we will tell you about that major cleanup that is underway. we are live in san jose were a man was shot and killed at a gas station. we will tell you about those road closures and what investigators are saying. welcome back. it is monday, december 19. >> good to see you. let's talk about your weather it is just cold. steve will tell you right here. >> not as cold as up in soho. >> how cold was a crack >> is going to take a picture but it wouldn't let me turn on
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>> that is cold. >> and we have a tip for you if you have ice on the car. and, take this right off of their. at the lower freezing point. running alcohol, water, thus robbing alcohol, -- rubbing alcohol. -- there is reports of ice in san francisco. it doesn't matter. it's a clear morning. maybe a few high clouds. many 20s, that's the big message. geronimo, 27. thank you terry. there are mentee 20s including this at the coldest that i've seen. it doesn't mean that somebody is not colder. sonoma, 26. . grove, 26 and it's really cold. frost in praise warnings until
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8 am. the coldest temperatures are right now. 20s for many 30s all the way to san jose i mean 20s on the peninsula, novato is at 26. temperatures are running a little bit colder for some and everyone is pretty close but 20s in the east bay won the creek is 26. rent what an antioch -- brentwood and antioch are in the upper 20s. and, one side menlo park to palo alto, it's also close for others as you might imagine. and, it is staying to the north and mostly sunny. that will do it. and the east bay is still a bear ? yes, there was a deadly accident on 680 for the start of the morning commute. a trot -- it smashed into a freeway sign and that shut down for lanes of traffic which
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snarled traffic but chp has reopened some lanes. and, i do want to ask you, how many lanes of traffic are getting by at the moment? >> so what we have are the to write lanes shut down southbound 680 at right that's right before you get there. that is causing an incredible backup. it extends all the way up into pleasant hill. and i know you're going to talk a little bit more about the backup from this and the ripple effect for commuters here in the east bay. let me talk to about the accident itself. just found out from chp the man who is driving this delivery truck here was killed in this accident he died at the hospital a short time ago they did everything that they could to save him. he did die a short time ago after slamming his truck into his freeway sign. and, the mess that result to copy content of that truck
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hundreds of holiday packages all still here onto the side of the road. let me show you what this accident look like what happened earlier this morning. >> it is brought -- wrapped around the pole. >> you can see firefighters are on the scene shortly after 3 am. it was a desperate attempt to first of all try to rescue the driver run the test -- of this truck. it was -- it was pinned right against this freeway sign. and they had to do a careful extrication of the driver who was taken to a nearby hospital. again, he could not be saved. we understand that this truck does not belong to the united states postal service it was a delivery truck that was carrying postal service packages here. for some reason, the driver veered off of the road. and it actually hit an abandoned minivan. then, we talked about it with
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the sergeant. over the complicated cleanup that has to be done. because you have all of these past us postal service. >> you have a postal inspector here on scene after speaking with him it appears as though it is not a postal service truck. they are postal service packages. and, he has advised that it's probably incoming mail to san jose. >> so obviously, the postal inspector and postal service are going to have to deal with all these packages here and what they are going to do is to get at least one truck possibly two trucks out here and they are going to load all of these packages probably thousands and load them into a couple of other different trucks and get them where they need to be. we will bring you back out here live to a picture. the other complicated part is trying to tell the trailer out of the way. this is the damaged trailer all
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those packages were inside and you can see that we have a tow truck at the scene. they are beginning the process of telling the truck out of the way and you need to get those postal service trucks here to pick up all these packages. and again in the meantime to reiterate, the to write lanes of southbound 680 shut down right before you come up to open title drive. the traffic is an absolute math -- mess. it will be a problem probably for the next couple of hours. >> all right. thank you. i also want to mention just to reiterate backup, let's go to the maps. southbound 680 is backed up from conquered all the way down to danville where this accident is. people have been using highway 24 and there are a lot of other problems that i want to get to hear in the traffic report. let's go down to the south bank were on the lawrence expressway accident at this avenue there is an accident that happened here and a woman in a
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wheelchair was being hit and killed. by an automobile here. lawrence expressway, you need to avoid the area because of an investigation is going on. elsewhere, the commute isn't bad but the expressway is not where you want to be. there are a lot of police and other investigators on that scene. let's move along and take a look at highway 17. it could be a top drive. there has been black ice. people are blaming that a couple of accidents. and, people lost control and it is hard to see black ice that's why it is so dangerous. now, let's move along to one more thing. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up all the way to the macarthur maze. it's not lighter than usual. and i think that we are going to add this, or be adding this? because there is an accident southbound 280.
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and, there is an accident that is effecting traffic leaving san francisco. if you're trying to get out of the city i would not use 280 there is an accident at 101 and coming up soon we will have video for that. thank you. we are following developing news from the south bay. they're trying to attract on whoever is responsible for a deadly shooting. >> it happened late last night near winchester boulevard. janine dela vega has been out there all morning. it is the latest information? >> they still have the road blocked off it happened right in front of a mobil gas station. this is right across the street from a 7-eleven on winchester and we just spoke with the clerk and he told us that he had heard one gunshot. he said he didn't see anyone running or driving away but it is frightening because he said it was so close to him. police were called here near hamilton just before midnight
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and found a man on the ground at the mobil gas station suffering from a gunshot wound. a man at the scene were identified himself as a stepfather says he was 18. they say that he was shot in the head and he died at the hospital. they say that the gas station was open at the time and they are interviewing the attendant. they've also gone door-to-door looking for anyone who may have seen or heard what happened. >> we are in the pulmonary stages of our investigation trying to find witnesses in surveillance video anything that may help us to determine what has happened out here. >> the police are working on trying to figure out whether there was one or multiple suspects. they do not have descriptions or a motive for the shooting. this pocket of the city is known for gang activity and police are looking into the possibility that shooting maybe gang-related. it is the city's 46th homicide of the year. last year's total was 30. southbound winchester is closed
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to williamsburg we are told that it should be closed for at least another hour if you can, you are asked to avoid the area. thank you. police in san francisco say that two people have been killed. it happened shortly before 9 pm near 16th st. and south bennett. they say that they are homeless man and woman believes -- believed to be in their 20s. they are still looking for suspects it is not clear what led up to the deadly gunfire. the chp has issued a silver alert for a missing man. the 83-year-old colin grand was seen around 5 pm yesterday night near his home. he is 6 feet tall with 180 pounds and is believed to have been wearing a blue sweatshirt. they say he may be driving a blue green 2007 saturn. he suffers from a medical condition and may be disoriented. frontier airlines canceled
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flights all over the country leaving passengers stranded. the denver post reports that frontier canceled 200 fights nationwide yesterday because of a winter storm and that includes some bay area flights. this morning one man told us that his family was stranded last night and they had to reschedule their entire vacation. >> my father is 90 my father just had a heart attack i rebooked us rebooked my flights and i came here and for three hours we waited. after three hours they told us that the flights have canceled. we waited another two or three hours to rebook ourselves. >> they say that two flights were canceled today once orlando and one to chicago. frontier airlines posted a message on facebook offering refunds for those flights. the airline >> -- the airline released a statement saying that they had been impacted by the snow in denver.
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cold-weather is slamming the northeast and midwest. at 7:30 am, how dangerous is for drivers -- it is for drivers. and a special tribute for those who died in the oakland warehouse fire. we have several serious traffic problems all over the bay area. here is one of them. 680 is a mess because of an accident in danville. we will tell you what happened here coming up. and it looks like we have a winner on the coldest temperatures. 18, where that is and more coming up.
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today is the day that 538 electors will gather at their state capitol and cast their
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vote. a group of women opposed to donald trump protested the state capitol in sacramento. another protests is scheduled for today. they are pledged to vote for hillary clinton who won the state by a margin of 4 million votes. people of donald trump have launched a movement trying to convince electors to vote for a republican other than trump. their goal is to sweep someone else into office. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i may vote for secretary. clinton or i may vote for a republican that the 37 republican electors would want me to vote for. >> 37 electors would have to switch their vote to keep donald trump from getting the required number of electoral votes. if it happened it would be up to the house of representatives to pick the president on the top three votes. analysts say that flipping the election is unlikely 29 states have laws that require them to vote for the candidate who won in their state.
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donald trump took to twitter ahead of the vote he said if my supporters acted in threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. here at home, musicians and artists who lost friends in the tragedy came together honoring those victims and using the power of music. the >> [music] now, the musical tributes lasted for hours. they were -- oakland's chapel of the times. one singer came honoring one of the 36 people who died. >> it's lovely. they were a lovely human beings. just beautiful. very quiet but super talented. really talented. if you haven't heard the record
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i've been listening to it nonstop and crying. some of the people who were at the memorial escape the flames of the fire disaster earlier this month. it is 7:17 am. it's been a messy morning on the roads today let's go back out to sow. -- let's go back out to sal castaneda . >> yes, you have a deadly accident that happened on 680 southbound. southbound 682, lanes are blocked in traffic is very slow approaching the scene. we still have those two lanes blocked it has been blocked going on for hours now it happened that 330 or so and we are coming up at 730. the traffic is backed up barely moving. it's one of those mornings where if you have discretion you don't have to go right now. but a lot of people have to go. let me go to these maps it's backed up at 242 and it is solid.
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and some people have been using less than 24 that's a little bit more crowded. some other trouble here on the lawrence expressway which is right here just north of the el camino out riau. there is a deadly auto pedestrian accident there. and, that is a good area to avoid. avoid the expressway because of the accident. we also have a problem in san francisco. let's see if i can get my maps to cooperate. go to san francisco and, owing to talk about -- images talk about this on camera because it is southbound 280 at highway 101 and this is a gravel spell with a truck ask -- gravel spell with -- spill with a truck accident. so, the 101 in the 280 are both
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affected by this accident. and, it does look like it will be there for a little while. they have called for a hard closure of the area we have three major problems to deal with on this commute. let's go back to steve with today's weather which is very cold. >> i think that we have a winner on temperatures but i am not surprised. temperatures it is clear this morning. and the coldest temperatures are right now. and a few high clouds are coming in overall, it's going to change the pattern a little bit going into tuesday wednesday and thursday. those high temperatures will warm up. they will still be cold. let's take you up to lake county. it is 18 and morgan valley. it is hard to see that this looks to be a little bit blurry. it's just shy of 20. and in morgan hill, ice on the
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windshield. i believe that. and felton cost santa cruz mountains, 25. sonoma, that's near the district. that is really cold for them. and, you get closer to the bay and that's impressive. i have seen all of that all around. and campbell to reports 27 and 29. there are many 20s. and santa rosa nevada take your pick. palo alto. many on the peninsula. it will take a look. and by 8 pm best buy 8 am we bounce off those freeze warnings. and some locations are running colder than yesterday others are about the same. fairfield is -7. petaluma, glen allen, 32 nevada 32 mill valley although there are colder readings not far away from some of those observers.
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santa clara valley, gilroy, 20s 32. and i did see a 24 on one observation. 27 santa clara. >> that's cold.>> mostly clear. a few clouds to the north. this will not do much. 50s on your temperatures. the days, they are very short now. even if you had about 55 it won't last very long we will plunge right back tomorrow but i think that we get more in the way of a cloud deck so it will still be cold. daytime highs will warm up. rain moves in the day before christmas and the day after but not on the day. >> that's good timing. >> we hope. >> holding you to it. >> it is in. >> thank you. 7:21 am. and you may like your morning coffee even more because of a new study that we are going to
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tell you about. how coffee can affect your memory. and, who benefits the most.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. a long playoff drought for the oakland raiders is finally over. yesterday they defeated the chargers. 19 to 16 to clinch their first playoff in 14 years. there are two games left and the raiders still have to battle the chiefs for the top spot in the west. they will be fighting for a first round bye and home-field advantage. in the meantime, a disastrous season isn't getting better for
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the 49ers. yesterday they crushed san francisco in the georgia dome. it was the 49ers 13th straight loss. and they now face a very real possibility of ending the season with the worst record in the team's history. a new study that may make you enjoy your morning cup of coffee more. researchers found that people who drink between three and 5 cups of coffee every day it may lower your risk of alzheimer's. it may lower it by up to 27%. the study found a combination of caffeine and antioxidants naturally found in coffee are the likely factors and, researchers found that elderly men may benefit the most. a photo with santa is a tradition of christmas and now, santa displays are going high- tech. this one has a santa flight academy were kids work with elves to get santa displays
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ready. desk santa's sleigh ready. -- santos sleigh -- santos -- santos lay ready. >> i just remember waiting in a long line seeing santa and going home. i like having different interactive games and stimulators for those kids to play with to keep them entertained. >> and the sound -- sun valley mall also has a high-tech play. most of them are in malls near major cities. and would you go see your favorite football team. and, a lot of diehard fans were in chicago. up next, how they cope with those frigid temperatures. plus, a major backup on southbound 680 coming through danville this morning after a delivery truck filled with
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hundreds of holiday packages crashes into a freeway sign killing the driver. we will tell you how long it will take to clean up. good morning, we still have a lot of commute problems. and, the morning commute should were on. and, if this is your commute, you're going to stay tuned. i will tell you what is going on and when you're going to be stuck in the traffic. and, stuck with cold temperatures that's for sure. and, ever so slowly we will show you those temperatures on monday. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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welcome back. it is monday, december 19. >> and good morning. it is not a good morning in traffic. what is happening with our breaking news? >> we do have several crashes. have an accident in san francisco. this is affecting 280 and 101. and, the ramp is closed. northbound 280, and the 101 that ramp is closed. the gravel still is at the bottom of the ramp. it's affecting highway 101 leaving the city. and, chp is telling us that they are expecting us to be out there a while and this is
7:31 am
beginning to have a big impact leaving san francisco on either freeway if you know some of the side roads i would suggest this morning going out of your way to avoid the interchange because it is really getting slower and slower as the morning wears off. another problem, on the lawrence expressway at munro both directions are really affected but there was a pedestrian accident. and that pedestrian has died. avoid the lawrence expressway near highway 82. this is actually near cabrillo. that whole area is an area that should be avoided. another big accident, that we have been following. it continues after the deadly accident on 680 and danville. alex savage has been life on that scene -- live on that scene. are there still a couple of lanes closed? >> reporter: yes, the to write lanes are still closed.
7:32 am
we have a tow truck -- the to write lanes -- right lanes are still close. we have a tow truck that we are waiting on. and, the postal service is going to be loading up all of these packages. they were thrown across the shoulder of the freeway here after this early morning accident. they also build out of the delivery truck when it slammed into the freeway sign early this morning. it all happened about 3:30 am along southbound 680 coming up. take a look at the sce this morning. >> yes, i need rescue. i need both of them. >> it was a desperate attempt to try to save the life of the driver of this delivery driver. he was trapped inside the cab of the truck which was pinned up against this freeway sign after this very serious accident.
7:33 am
the driver ultimately was extricated pulled out of the is that truck and taken to a -- of the cab of the truck and taken to hospital. it happened around 3:30 am. for some reason, the driver lost control and eclipse and abandon -- he lost control and clipped beside of a freeway sign. and, hundreds of holiday packages spilled out onto the side of the road. i talked to the chp sergeant. about what may have caused the driver to lose control. >> it's hard to say without -- obtaining a statement. that's exactly what occurred. it will have to be based on physical evidence when we conclude the investigation. the officers are investigating that right now. >> reporter: and again, this truck is a delivery truck, a contract company that is working in conjunction with the
7:34 am
united states postal service. it was delivering postal service packages and this truck and all of these packages. apparently they were all heading down to the san jose postal distribution facility when the driver lost control again and spilled his load. the driver of the truck lost his life. he was taken to hospital where he died. i have no information on the driver at this point. and obviously, they are investigating exactly what caused the accident. but still, we do have the to write lanes southbound 680 still remaining closed for this investigation and the cleanup. and traffic is backed up for miles all the way back up into a pleasant hill area. so a major mess out here. >> in fact, i'm going to say what the backup is. what it looks like for walnut creek. it's at a dead stop at 680. it's going to be very slow out
7:35 am
of concord. and, heading down to the accident scene which is as alex mentioned just past the road. we're going to keep an eye on this and all the other problems. now, let's go to steve who is in the weather center. >> thank you. getting right to it it is clear and cold. we have seen a couple of teens many 20s. it is just -- there's ice all over. be careful. there is black ice as well. and, that's a tough morning to get out and roll. let's get to it really quick. alexander, great to see you at the show. happy monday from the house of rock crew. yes, thank you everybody in santa rosa. by the way, the opening act here, you young fellows keep doing what you're doing is you are very good.
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and, the original stuff is really good. thanks to everyone. that was a cool place. what did they opened with? >> food for the city. >> i'm done now. >> but they also played stone blue. and, antonio, there is ice in daly city. a low of 36 and there are many 20s. and 28 in brentwood. and frost and freeze warnings are out only for about another 24 minutes. even in san francisco many reports of ice and most locations are close to where they were yesterday or even below 20s. and the peninsula is 27 and atherton is 29. except for a few higher clouds the will be good to go for mostly sunny skies unless you're well to the north. then, 50s on the temperatures, lower to middle at best. it does look like tomorrow and
7:37 am
the next few days. the high temperatures will warm up. but i think that rain returns on christmas eve. in all right. -- >> all right. thank you. it is not officially winter until wednesday. but it feels and it looks like winter all ready. freezing rain and heavy snow cause several car crashes. and more than 1400 slides. because of the bad weather. one woman who moved from texas to wisconsin said this is the first time that she has experienced snow at her new home. >> since 2005, this is my second time seeing it's no but it is a lot of snow. >> yes. a lot of snow and it makes everything difficult. >> all that snow is too much for the roof of an indiana restaurant that collapsed. it sends customers running into the cold. subzero temperatures didn't stop fans from coming out to
7:38 am
support their team. and they didn't let the cold waters -- cold-weather stop them . the coldest one on record was eight years ago. that day the temperature was too degrees. it was a -- two it was a -- 2 degrees. it was eight yesterday. they say that it makes it really difficult to tailgate. >> we are starting and thursday. we can't eat or drink because everything is frozen pick >> i have heat warmers in my hands, back pocket, shoes. feeling good. >> and, they may have not been feeling so good after the game. they lost to green bay 30 to 27. and all of the cold-weather may perfect conditions for skiers. >> really? >> yes. at the kirkwood ski resort there is packed powder. and, over the next few days it
7:39 am
has dumped between 6 to 8 inches of snow. and while it is cold, it is nowhere near as bad as other parts of the country. -- it's also why our cost of living is so high. that brings us to our question of the day. here is the question, would you rather own house in blizzard territory or rent a home in sunny california? let us know what you think by posting a comment on her facebook page. you can also always tweet us. we will stay -- stay out of the oakland estuary, a warning because of untreated sewage. a combination of heavy rain in the low tide during the storm allowed the untreated sewage to get out of the sewage treatment plant. the area of concern is a pipe that they had just east of jaclyn and square. electronic monitors show polluted water had it
7:40 am
contaminating the estuary twice last week. >> it is also -- a kind of caught the crown jewel of oakland. it should be very concerned with keeping it pristine. >> it is a shame. i brought my children down here to get fresh air and see the water. so that's a little bit disconcerting. >> we just saw that the boat is out there this morning minutes ago. >> officials won't have an accident on just how much raw sewage has escaped into the estuary. the san jose water department is trying to fix the water main. it is 150 years old it broke yesterday morning. it caused a mass. -- mess. they expect to have that 12 inch pipe replaced before lunchtime today. happening today, volkswagen must say if it has reached a
7:41 am
final deal. they still want to reach a settlement with federal regulators and attorneys for 80,000 diesel powered cars. he had our to work out a deal with cars at a smaller engine and were programmed to cheat on admissions test. owners of those cars can either have been paper system repairs or to buy back their cars. the federal judge in the case of last week's optimistic a similar deal could be worked out for the 3 l engine. today is expected to be the busiest mailing day of the year. people who spent last weekend before christmas out there shopping they will be lining up at post offices around the country to get those get in the mail. the postal service expects to take in 658 million packages cards and letters today and they say that their busiest delivery day will be thursday. san francisco's long legal
7:42 am
battle may be coming to an end. up next, the terms of the settlement that we are learning about. first, a serious case of road rage that is taking -- that has taken a little boy's life.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. welcome back. this just in, north carolina's incoming governor says that legislators are planning to hold a special session tomorrow to repeal a law that limits protections for lg bt -- lgbt people. it requires them to use bathrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates. it excludes sexual orientation
7:45 am
and gender identity from statewide antidiscrimination protections. we will have more on this as it comes in. also, zsa zsa gabor has died. the legendary hollywood star famous for being famous died yesterday of a heart attack at the age of 99. she was most famous -- the most famous of her sisters appeared in more than 70 movies but best known for her celebrity lifestyle -- lifestyle. she was married nine times including marrying conrad hilton founder of the hilton hotel chain. police are offering a $20,000 reward for information for the man who shot and killed a three-year-old boy what they are calling a road rage incident. it happened saturday. he was out shopping with his grandmother. they say that when the two of them stopped at a stop sign the driver behind them got angry that they were not going fast enough. he got out of his vehicle and
7:46 am
he fired a shot into the woman's car. at least one bullet hit the little boy who later died at a hospital. the grandmother was not hurt. 7:46 am. we are going to check back with sal castaneda . yes, we have had a rough morning. >> yes, ever since we got here and we are still following up on that deadly truck accident in walnut creek. the southbound 680 we do have a lot of slow traffic trying to get down from concord into the san ramon area. we are going to have to drive past and the accident happened north of diablo road. southbound 680 is just a mess because of this vehicle accident. two lanes remain shut down and it is backed up out of concord all the way through the westbound 24 may also be slow. and again county accident is near alton toddle road.
7:47 am
the driver did not survive the accident. they are trying to load the truck and it will be there for a while. i like to move to the map of san francisco's problem. this would be a gravel spill. the northbound 280 connector ramp to the southbound 101. a gravel spill is affecting traffic. please give yourself plenty of extra time. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, that is backed up. this backed up -- this backup is looking to get a little bit lighter. it is backed up to the middle of the parking lot. it's about a 15 minute delay. what spring and steve. >> thank you. we have very cold temperatures. thank you for all that information. i think that is 18 near lower lake. but there are many 20s for some. although, we are beginning to bounce off these morning lows. the very cold.
7:48 am
i don't know, it felt colder sunday but it may have felt colder to you on sunday. and, the fountain is frozen. i can see that. >> and, that is cold up there. sabrina, a freezing 29. and i don't ever remember being so cold. >> people have short term weather memory. >> i guarantee it has been that cold. >> and felton 25. that's needed to get -- that district. and many 20s in santa rosa. campbell 29 and in 27 your campbell. and that's the airport 31. and i know that our observer has a lot of 20s. and 29 many 20s on the peninsula even livermore was 27. so these warnings are another 12 minutes or so. even though it will stay cold for a half-hour, look at those
7:49 am
water temperatures. you have 52 bodega bay. so just have faith. >> some areas running maybe one or 2 degrees warmer. and fairfield as 24 hours. and killed the bill is 20s. and the winds are now 20 -- and winsor now 29. i know that there were some near novato and northwest napa is 26 i believe. let's go south. and one reading your morgan hill. and 30s for socal in santa cruz at 3224 i did the in scottsville. 27 -- i did see in scottsville. 29 in sacramento and we will get a few high clouds especially to the north bay but this will stay north for now. 50s on the temperatures. remember, winter starts on wednesday. the day's don't last very long but we will see a little bit
7:50 am
warmer pattern on the high temperatures. and those lows will come up as we have some cloud cover. it looks like rain will return on sunday. >> i will take that warmer weather. >> yes. lane the millennial's. the household product -- blame the millennial's, the household product that is on -- going extinct because the millennial don't use it
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getting paid to shop and coles is adding -- kohls is adding more phrases to shop till you drop pick >> yes, if you're looking for a place that will be open, it will be coles. -- kohls. and, one of the big winners on the dow this morning the opening bell rang, disney shares went straight up. and, up almost 2%. and checking in on the broader markets and the numbers this morning, looking for perhaps the dow 20,000 before the end of the year. it's up almost another 58 points. and, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq also posting pretty good gains. apple is launching a legal
7:54 am
challenge to the european commission demanding that apple pay $14 billion in back taxes to ireland. back in august a ruled that the irish government gave illegal tax benefit to apple by helping them reduce their tax bill. the irish government says that they overstepped its authority and misinterpreted the law. they have one of the lowest making a pretty attractive for global can't -- companies. and buying is not going away. they plan to turn that video app into a feature. it will let you post videos to twitter or just save them to your phones. in october they announced its plan to shut it down but now the new camera will be available next month. and back to coles, it could be the answer for shoppers who say that there are not enough hours in the day. coles stores will open tomorrow morning at 7 am and they are going to reopen nonstop. and,
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that's 107 hours to do the holiday shopping. it's about 70 hours less than last year. last year, they had extra work pay and utility bills cut into profits. they are pulling it back a little bit. and the holidays can be expensive so why not earn money while you shop? field agent is a smart phone app that pays you to be a secret shopping agent. it requires you to accept jobs that ask you to browse for cell phones. and even engage workers in a mystery shopping is variance and it requires you to take pictures or answer questions but you cannot tell the story is what you are doing. when you finish the task, you get paid. >> you could literally be standing 20 feet away from making $20. >> your paper paypal tax-free up to $600. you then have to pay taxes at that point.
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800,000 users have signed up. the company is on track to pay out $3-$4 million. i have a teenage daughter so i said why don't you sign up. so we will let you know how it goes. the mac that's interesting. good to put it on your daughter. >> right picks >> and she needs money and she is bugging me. >> all right. well, as you mentioned, it was the most popular movie at the weekend box office. >> the family has scored the second best december opening other with $155 million in estimated ticket sales. it is set before the events of the original 1977 star wars. and it holds the december record with its nearly $248 million opening last year.
7:57 am
it is 7:56 am. the deadliest year in san jose. up next, the latest homicide under investigation that claimed the life of an 18 old man at a gas station. and, the latest on the frontier airlines delays that have passengers across the country stranded. it is sunny out. it is cold. we will talk about your week ahead.
7:58 am
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a shooting at a gas station in san jose leads one man dead this morning. and we are live at the scene. we will tell you about the investigation and those road closures. today the members of the electoral college officially elect the president of the united states. the movement launched to flip the election. freezing temperatures around the bay area are making for a challenging morning commute. you are looking at new video highway 17 were black ice led to several accidents. no major injuries but definitely nerve-racking moments. good morning, and welcome back. and, let's get more about weather and traffic. you have a lot to talk about. >> we do.
8:01 am
i will try to goes quick as i can because i know that sal has a big plate. but, we are beginning to warm up. we have ice balls in novato. and they said it's a bitter 27. even the deer have frost. >> yes, i thought 26 and 27. and sonoma is 25. and camel 29. so there's just so many. 20s and 30s but we will slowly start to warm up. they look like this ended at 8 am. so, is still going to stay very cold probably again tonight and the high temperatures will start to warm up. those water temperatures have gone down in most locations are running a little colder than they were 24 hours ago. 30s we will end up with 50s under mostly sunny skies. and 1120s even 30s on the coast. i did see a 23 near morgan
8:02 am
hill. where do you want to start? >> we have had a lot of slow traffic. we are going to start off with san francisco and connect the rent to highway 101. we have a gravel still on the ramps. it's kind of hard to see. that the ramp is shut down and you will see a lot of's -- that -- but the ramp is slowing down shut down and you will see a lot of closures. southbound 280, all the traffic right here is going to be a mess in all directions. and i would recommend that you give yourself extra time. let's go to the danville accident southbound 680. to write lanes are still blocked after a very serious accident. the truck driver did end up dying after being taken away.
8:03 am
southbound 680 is still slow. this was filled with packages carrying mail. they are still doing an investigation and trying to get those packages off of the road. alex savage has been on the scene gathering those details. let's take a look at the bay bridge. this is a sign that we are getting closer to the holidays. things are beginning to clear out, just as i had told steve earlier, you may see some of this. it will start off strong but it doesn't and strong. right now, -- but it doesn't end strong. right now, back to the desk san jose police are trying to track down whoever is responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened near winchester boulevard. janine is joining us live from the scene of the shooting. >> reporter: in the last 20 minutes we did see a young girl walked here to the scene on winchester she fell to her knees crying too distraught to talk to us she went back into the neighborhood but what
8:04 am
you're looking at right now is where the crime scene is. it is a mobil gas station. they have been here for nearly 8 hours. this is where that young man was gunned down. just before midnight, he was shot outside of the gas station here near hamilton. officers found him suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. a man who identified himself as the victims stepfather says that he was 18. we do not know if you as a customer or as walking or driving by. but they did campus the neighborhood looking for surveillance video that may help lead them to whoever is responsible. >> there was a gas station attendant on scene we are interviewing that person. they could've had something to tell us. >> at this point police do not know if there is one or multiple suspects. -- >> reporter: at this point, they do not know if there is one or multiple suspects. they are working on a description. detectives are looking to see
8:05 am
what this shooting is -- whether the shooting is gang related. this is still closed. it is about a two block area. there were crime scene cleaners out here. we are told that this should be opening up fairly soon to all traffic. as i mentioned, they have been out here since midnight. it's a very long night and they are hoping that they can catch whoever gunned down the young man. >> thank you. police in san francisco say that two people have been killed in the shooting. it happened shortly before 9 pm. they say those victims are homeless man and woman believed to be in their 20s or early 30s and police are still searching for suspects. at this point it is not clear what led up to the gunfire the academy of art university has agreed to a $16 million settlement with the
8:06 am
city of san francisco. they report that the agreement is aimed at bringing the schools illegally converted buildings into compliance with city rules. it ends the heated battle between the city hall and one of the biggest for-profit arts schools. earlier this year, they sued the academy claiming most of its buildings were out of compliance with zoning laws. frontier airlines, have canceled flights around the country. travelers were left stranded. frontier canceled 200 flights nationwide yesterday he comes of a winter storm including the area flights. this morning, one man told us that his family was stranded last night at the airport. they had to reschedule their entire vacation. they said that two flights were canceled today one tornado went to chicago. they are announcing the other flights going into orlando. and then, they said that it was going to be our flights going
8:07 am
into chicago and orlando. frontier airlines posted a message offering refunds for those canceled flights. the airline statement says that the flight at sfo have been impacted by the snowstorm over the weekend. we have been working to reposition both crews and aircraft affected by the storm. today is the day that 538 electors will gather at their state capitals and cast their votes. a group of women protested the state capitol yesterday and another protest is scheduled for today. california's 55 electors pledged to vote hillary clinton. people opposed to donald trump have launched movement trying to convince electors including democrats to vote for a republican other than trump. i do not know what i'm going to do on monday. i may vote for secretary. clinton or i may vote for a
8:08 am
republican that the electors would want me to vote for. >> 37 electors would have to switch their vote to another republican to keep donald trump from getting the required number that he needs. if it happened, it would be up to the house of representatives to pick the president from the top three electoral vote getters . they say it is unlikely. 29 states do have laws that would require them to vote for the candidate who won in their state. donald trump took to twitter saying, if my supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be called terrible names. backyard home, musicians and artists who lost friends came together -- back here at home, musicians and artists tamed together this came together to remember those who were lost in the ghost ship fire.
8:09 am
>> [music] >> the musical tributes took place for four hours yesterday at oakland's chapel of the times. one thing or came to the memorial honoring one of the 36 people who died. >> is -- just a lovely, lovely human being. very quiet, but supertalented. really talented. if you have not heard they record yet. i recommend it. i have been listening to it nonstop and crying. >> some of the people at the memorial escape the flames of the fire disaster earlier this month. a long playoff drought is over for the oakland raiders. they beat the chargers in san diego 19 to 16 declensions their first ever playoff in 14 years. the quarterback derek car was only 11 when they went to the playoffs.
8:10 am
and, they really made the raiders feel at home during oakland big victory yesterday. look around the stadium, it's going crazy. and you know it was like a home game. everybody knows that. and you know they made us feel so good walking off the field. >> there are two games left in the regular season and they still have to battle the kansas city chiefs for the top spot. oakland will be fighting for a first round home-field advantage in the playoffs. >> in the meantime a disaster season is not getting any better. atlanta falcons crushed the 49ers. 41 to 13 in the georgia dome. their 13th straight loss. and the 2016 49ers face a very real possibility that they will end of the season with a worse record in the team's history. >> we have to create a culture
8:11 am
of winning. and you know, right now, our culture isn't that. >> yesterday, they pulled away early. they scored 21 straight points to start again. the 49ers defense had one of its worst games in what has been a really bad season. just heard about san jose's deadly shooting. we are going to talk with the man about how he plans on tackling the city's high homicide rates. and, big news justin about north carolina's controversial law. and, we will tell you what is happening tomorrow. it has been a tough commute. but we are seeing that things aren't that things are improving quite a bit. -- that things are improving quite a bit. it will start to warm up, sort of. we will have those highs coming up. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
8:12 am
zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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8:14 am
welcome back. the security council approved a resolution to immediately deploy un monitors to of aleppo, syria to prevent mass atrocities by syrian forces. it comes as thousands more are still trapped in aleppo waiting to be evacuated. in recent days about 5000 people have fled. but still, thousands more are
8:15 am
waiting in freezing temperatures hoping to get out. some of them have come under fire as they wait for buses to take them to safety. evacuation convoys have been attacked. people have been without enough food or medical supplies for weeks of --. humanitarian groups are helping -- are helping refugees. here are some examples. this provides food and medical aid to some of the most difficult to reach places. save the children works to provide children and their families with warm clothing shelter protection and emergency care. and the white helmet hero felt -- fund is a group that carries out rescue missions after government airstrikes. >> the question on whether the russians hacked into democratic party emails to influence the election is still being debated. donald trump's top aides say that the president-elect it does not accept the findings by
8:16 am
united states intelligence officials that point to russian involvement. even if it is true, they say that democrats lost because they are out of touch with voters. >> this whole thing is a spin job. what they need to do is look in the mirror and face the reality that they have lost the election and they lost the election because they are so out of touch with the american people that they are so shellshocked and they just can't believe it. >> a foreign adversary directly intervened into our democratic institution and try to tilt the election. >> a bipartisan group would like a special investigation into those reports of russian interference. the chp has issued a silver alert for a missing man. the chp says that 82-year-old has been last seen in antioch yesterday morning. they say that he is 5'8" tall and weighs 180 pounds. he may be driving a black ford focus picks
8:17 am
north carolina's newly elected governor says legislators are planning to hold a special session to repeal a law for lgbt people. they say they plan to hold a session tomorrow. it requires them to use many public buildings corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate. it also excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from anti- discrimination. since it was passed, they suffered a backlash including companies declining to expand in the states. the ncaa also moved sports events out of the state. and happening today, a judge will hear from volkswagen in the latest possible settlement of the omissions cheating scandal. -- emissions cheating scandal. and, attorneys for 80,000 diesel powered cars. it had all ready worked out a deal with 475,000 cars that have smaller engines. and, owners of those cars can
8:18 am
either have them pay for repairs or buy back their cars. our time is now 8:17 am. sales of fabric softeners are down. one says that you can blame millennial's. the wall street journal reports that sales dropped for more than a decade partly because millennial's don't see a reason to use it. it became popular in the 1960s because laundry came out of the washing machine feeling rough. but they are not as rough as they used to be. the paper says that many millennials are also more eco- conscious and they do not want to use too many chemicals in their homes. >> all right, -- all right, it is 8:18 am, and over to sal castaneda sorry, i couldn't hear a thing. >> we were just talking about how tough it has been picked >> yes, i got here and write off of the back was one accident
8:19 am
. we're going to start off with a accident that we had santa clara county. this is on the lawrence expressway. this was an auto pedestrian crash. someone did not survive and was pronounced dead after the incident at the lawrence expressway. has not been a huge backup but there is an investigation going on in this is a good area to avoid. fortunately, the main roads have definitely been a little bit lighter than usual so the lawrence expressway is not taking a lot of these areas. and copper 101 is slow but there are some easy alternates like to 80 and 85. i'm sorry -- if you could go back to the map per second. i just want to mention that the traffic is also going to be affected there's a gravel spill, southbound 101.
8:20 am
this happened at the interchange and the ramps from 280 to 101 are closed and traffic in both directions is very slow as they clean up that spell. the actual gravel is where i put the indicator and that is why those ramps are closed. and, these are both getting in and out of san francisco. we still have the truck accident in danville. and this is blocking the to write lanes. it has been there since 3:30 am. it was a deadly accident. the driver did not survive. southbound all the way down into danville has been very slow. now, fortunately we are getting a little bit of a break. i am beginning to see some of the volume get a little bit lighter and this commute is still terrible. this is a look at the bay bridge and you can see for yourself traffic has lightened up. and on the golden gate bridge, traffic looks good and also in
8:21 am
marin county on southbound 101. it is very cold and there has been some snow in the sierra. >> sal you are spot on you said it would be crowded early and it looks good after 8 am >> that is what you get for doing it for a long time. >> yes, you are pretty good. and cost heading up to lake tahoe where is pretty cold. it is currently 18 in kirkwood. that is called. >> what is this? >> [music] >> the drifters, while. merry christmas from the -- while -- wow. merry christmas from the drifters. this is also at about 15 or 14. and, this does look like maybe some snow, maybe friday. a cold
8:22 am
one in morgan hill. thanks to chris henry. >> that's a cold one. >> 26 in danville. and anyway that you look at it there are a lot of 20s. there's still some 20s in the mix even though this freeze warning ends at 8 pm. /8 am. and cost some of these are warmer than they were. and we had 26 i think i concord pavilion. so, there are many cold temperatures. there were a bunch of 20s maybe even in the lake county. the system will stay to the north so look for a little bit warmer pattern over the next couple of days. it would get one more cold night. but the pattern will change. until friday and saturday, we start to get some rain. until then, 50s on the temperatures. winter starts this wednesday. and it feels like it all ready decided to arrive for most of the country. we are still dry and friday,
8:23 am
this could clear up. saturday morning, i think we will get some rain. >> all right. thank you. 8:23 am. if you bought holiday gifts on amazon, be prepared to wait. in 15 minutes, the railroad, -- the problem that may cause some delays. and making sure that special needs children do not get left out.
8:24 am
8:25 am
legendary hollywood star
8:26 am
and socialite zsa zsa gabor died of heart failure yesterday at her home in los angeles. she was 99. the iconic actress was the most famous of the sisters. and appeared in more than 70 films during her long career. she's probably best known her celebrity lifestyle. she was married nine times including the biggest mayors of 1942 she married conrad hilton the founder of the hilton hotel chain. 8:26 am. taking the kids the sense the cost can be exciting, noisy, and for some, a little scary. that's true for kids with special needs. in utah there's this, and alternative were santa takes a different approach for kids with autism. it is away from all the bright light. and she says her son is afraid to talk to strangers but it changed when holden could decide for himself how and when
8:27 am
to talk to santa. >> he was able to come in at his own pace and santa got right down on the air with him and i can't tell you what a huge thing it is. it made him feel comfortable and safe. >> she says that she always hoped that you get a chance to tell santa what he wants for christmas and have his photo taken. she says it's a memory that will last a lifetime. the matrix. network held a similar event yesterday. 40 children with special needs were invited to come meet santa. they could sit with him. my photographer was taking very candid photos. and, and they plan to do it again next year. >> that's amazing. >> that people are told to stay away in the oakland estuary
8:28 am
because of raw sewage. and traffic is still a mess. after a deadly accident involving a delivery truck that was loaded with packages. and we have a few more traffic problems. we will get to that including 680 and san francisco and the south a coming up.
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning welcome back it is monday, december 19.
8:31 am
>> and, we are following a developing story. a rough start to that monday morning commute. it has been a hard road into work. >> yes, from the very start. there were things going on we go on the air at 4 am and it was crowded. i want to start with the san francisco commute because we do have this freeway here almost at a standstill. and there is an accident at the interchange that involved a gravel spill. the connector ramp from northbound to southbound to 101 shut down. that means that you cannot get onto the southbound 101. this is affecting the 101 and 280. and it has been terrible at leaving san francisco. if you know another way to get out of san francisco i highly advise you to do that. maybe want to go out of your way to avoid the traffic because
8:32 am
it has been very slow. we have seen more slow traffic and i want to talk about one of the worst ones in the bay area and that would be on interstate 682 through danville. a deadly truck accident killed -- closed most of 680. alex savidge is there and says it's taking a lot longer than usual to pick up. dust >> reporter: -- >> reporter: yes, a complicated cleanup process because inside of this delivery truck there were hundreds of packages and so they were all strewn across the wide of the freeway so you have to get folks to come in and the logos onto another truck. and, this accident happened earlier this morning. a delivery truck driver veered off the road and slammed into a freeway sign. they were able to pull the driver out but he died later at the hospital.
8:33 am
take a look at the scene. >> i need -- >> this is what things look like 3:30 am. firefighters were working to free the driver of the truck who was trapped inside of the cab. the was pinned up against this freeway sign. the truck lost control as it was coming southbound on 680 coming up to alpine tonto. after a veered off, it's sideswiped and abandoned minivan that was sitting on the side of the road when the truck crashed into the freeway sign. and the driver was in the end rescued at the cab of the truck and taken to the local hospital. but that is where he later died. we talked with them about why the clean up here at the scene is going to be so complex. >> we have to -- we have the postal inspector on scene after speaking with him, it appears
8:34 am
as though it is not a postal service truck but they are postal service packages and he advised that it's probably incoming to san jose. >> and, all of these packages were heading down to the postal service distribution facility in san jose. so most of these packages a lot of holiday gift are going to be shipped out. and distributed around santa clara county according to the postal inspector so we will bring you back out live to this picture. they have been able to move the truck and trailer out of the way. that process now begins where the postal service is coming in with another truck and they have workers here that they are going to try to load all of these packages onto the other derivatively truck. -- delivery truck. in the meantime, the chp tells me that they will likely have at least the far right lanes of
8:35 am
southbound 680 shut down. right now the to right lanes are closed so we may have at least one lane shut down southbound 680 coming up to hear. i'd venture to say, at least the next hour or so we are not getting any sort of estimate on the exact time of the closure. >> yes. and you know what traffic is backed up all the way up from willow pass road. that is a long backup because of that accident. >> ink you very much for reporting live. we have had so many people in frustration sending me tweets. i know that you will be in a lot of slow traffic but it will be that way for a while. let's take a look at the bay bridge. this may make you happy if you go to the bay bridge. it has cleared out. and more of this as we get to that final stretch to christmas. the time and people take a lot of time off surrounding the holiday and this weekend likely
8:36 am
next week we will see lighter than usual conditions. 8:35 am let's go to steve. >> yes, here we did have crossed and freeze warnings. but it is still cold and doug aaron is here with mr. knoll is ice-skating on the birdbath. i know what you mean. thank you. many birdbath photos today. 22 and friends valley, napa county. thank you for the information. and if you know the area, he's down in a hole. that makes sense. hang on we are starting to warm up. and some locations are running a little warmer some are slightly cooler than just 24 hours ago. there are still some 20s in lake county. and many photos of frozen birdbath around that area. and, finally beginning to bounce a little teeny bit. and,
8:37 am
the woodside was. and, it will be mostly sunny today. and the system is staying to the north. it looks like our next hint of rain will be in the 50s. let's send it back to the desk. people from detroit to denver say that it all feels like winter even though the change of season doesn't technically happen until wednesday. heavy snow freezing rain and subzero temperatures are causing car accidents. more than 1400 airline flights have been canceled. and the weather service is predicting more below number of -- normal temperatures. washington oregon idaho and montana are also in line for heavy rain and snow. subzero temperatures didn't stop chicago bears fans. they were all bundled up and said that they were not going to let a little bit of cold weather stop them cheering on the bears. there were fewer harold --
8:38 am
tailgaters than usual. they say that their fear turned into/when the food was frozen. they probably were not so happy about pending all that time in that temperature day when they lost. >> boy oh boy. it's a little bit warmer here but a lot of people woke up to frost on their windows and windshields and ice on their cars. and believe it or not, local freeze and frost warnings were lifted. temperatures in the middle 30s in gilroy and napa. people that we talked to say that they do not love the cold but they still find little ways to stay warm. >> started my coffee starting my day with some coffee gets my engine running. >> we don't really have the closed for this kind of weather. so it just walks really fast. >> and they say that they will get a little bit warmer as this week goes on. b mac so while is --
8:39 am
>> so while it is cold here, it's not anywhere as bad as other parts of the country and this is one of the big perks and why this cost-of-living is so it -- high. it's all about the trade-off. would you rather own a house in blizzard territory or rent a home in sunny california? let us know what you think by posting a comment on our ktvu facebook page. responses are coming in. they would rather live in california because of the weather and the great things here. also, she says, blizzard, i want an outdoor ice hockey rink. elizabeth writes, are those my only choices? agronomist to texas and get the weather and home prices. okay. keep those responses coming east bay should have an update about a raw sewage spill
8:40 am
in the oakland estuary. for now they are advising swimmers to stay away from the water. they say that the combination of heavy rain and low tides during the storm allow the untreated sewage to escape a sewage treatment plant which is overwhelmed. the area of concern is a pipe located at the outfall. and, electronic monitors showed polluted water escaped twice last week. >> this is what i kind of call the crown jewel -- one of them, of oakland and we should be very concerned with keeping it pristine. >> it's a shame. i brought my children here to get pressure and we sometimes go out on the water so it disconcerting. officials expect -->> officials expect to have an estimate on that raw sewage later today. this year 2016 has been the deadliest year for the city of san jose in 25 years according
8:41 am
to the mercury news. >> that's right. have been a total of 46 homicides. and joining us now, san jose mayor sam accardo. good morning. -- >> reporter: good morning. >> let's get right to it. and, we do not really know what they are tuning into. damaging possible gang activity that is the big picture that is aikins and in terms of where do we go from here, we know that you have the new measure passed. how long until we see a change in the trend? >> it is a concern, certainly for all of us. our first priority is rebuilding the police department and i am grateful that the voters really supported measure -- measures to be critical. and, certainly passing the measure be also helped us get the resources that we need to add the department. so we are going to do everything that we can.
8:42 am
the reality is, that this is not just a problem that you can get your a out of. we need to get to our children before the games do. and that's why -- gangs do. and that's why we do what we do. we have employed over 1200 teenagers this year getting them their first jobs. so we need to provide these kids a pathway to building a resume rather than a rap sheet. >> yes, to ask you something else. as a new agreement with caltrans to clean up trash on the san jose freeways. when will people start to see a difference out there? in that's a great question. the >> that's a great question -- >> that's a great question. we have been trying to encourage them to fill as many vacant these and its maintenance -- in its maintenance team. we are working with a lot of nonprofit to see how we can help those individuals get up to speed, the work ready and fill positions.
8:43 am
and, we are hopeful that the recent contract that they signed with the conservation corps will help. but we have a long way to go and we're hoping that we will see some progress. >> and before we let you go, you want to talk about the water. we have a little fluoride in the. it was a very very long process to get it added to the water. >> yes, we are so grateful that so many partners the water district, and so many others have stepped up to make this happen. we are the only major city in the country that did not have that water throughout the city. this is a big boost for an awful lot of children partake lately. we have seen big impacts among low-income communities and we think that this will be a big business for their health. >> is always good to talk to you. thank you for making the time to be with us. >> thank you. happy holidays to both of you. >> thank you. a new battle for apple
8:44 am
involving back taxes and the country known as the emerald isle. this is probably one of the most frustrating things that you will encounter >> frustration after a small child is shot and killed while on a shopping trip with his grandmother. why they say that the shooter opened fire. mcas sky fox has live pictures of the gravel spill in san francisco -- and, sky fox has live pictures of the gravel's will in san francisco -- gravel spill in san francisco. we will tell you how affic is doing when we come back. when there is frost at the beach, that tells you that it is cold. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. 8:47 am. police are offering a $20,000 reward for information on the man who shot and killed a three- year-old boy in what they are calling road rage. it happened saturday when he was shopping with his grandmother. they say that when they stopped at a stop sign the driver was angry that they were not moving fast enough. he got out of his car and fired
8:48 am
shots into the car. he later died at a hospital. the grandmother was not hurt. >> this is probably one of the most frustrating things that involves children particularly kids of this age very innocent they can do very little to protect themselves. >> they say that the grandmother does not know the shooter so far, no arrests have been made. >> the today is expected to be the busiest day of the year. and, they will be lining up at the post office is around the country to get the gift in the mail. they are expected to take in 658 million packages cards and letters today. they say that their busiest delivery day will be thursday. a new report shows that shipping companies are keeping up. they hire thousands of extra workers months in advance. and,
8:49 am
it is expected to deliver 30 million packages a day. almost twice the 16 million deliveries made during the typical 24-hour period. in the meantime, if you're waiting on a package you may have a problem from amazon. they say poor working conditions can lead to longer wait times. and, they can -- they enjoy free shipping however, a pilot shortage is causing delays. and, amazon gets purchased inside the shipping window will arrive on time. 8:40 am, i don't know what to say to you. a new problem in san francisco that they just told you about. this is the gravel spill and we have new help from sky fox whose overhead. that ramp is the ramp that has been shut down for a long time but it does look like they are letting cars through. and, we saw them clearing it and it could be that they had been getting a handle on it.
8:50 am
we haven't seen this. there are some sweepers there and you can seize, that you can see, -- you can see, we are seeing some traffic coming on from 282 the 101. now, that ramp looks like it hasn't been used. do you see that there? it's being blocked. it is to the 101. it looks like they may be reopening that. because the gravel at the end of the ramp is closed. want to show this to you on the map. if you can bring the map here, you can see how this is affecting traffic on the 101 and 280. and as you just saw, from sky fox, it's just about to reopen. so hopefully, this will fix the traffic in the area. i also went to mention, a huge backup from conquered all the way down into danville because of this accident.
8:51 am
the to write lanes are closed after this deadly accident. it's backs up from a 40 to 45 minute drive. and, there are lighter than usual conditions. and, as we get closer to christmas, you're going to start seeing uneven commutes. there are light crashes. and at 8:51 am, let's bring in steve. >> at ocean beach, impressive. >> very cold. thanks to honey beach and shadow. in frost and ocean beach this morning. he didn't mind. this is not something that we see very often. it is cold but to get frost on the beach, that's impressive. we are beginning to warm up a tad. some of them are continuing to be in the 20s and 30s but we have definitely bottomed out. and, now it's all 30s for some.
8:52 am
a few 40s on the peninsula. but mostly sunny today a few high clouds to the north. and, probably friday and saturday when it gets back into rain right now could be rain late christmas but it's funny to mostly sunny. a little bit warmer each day although the winter officially starts wednesday and should be okay. if it doesn't come in friday, those mountains will be there on saturday p well, buying -- vine is not completely going away. what they plan to do with the up
8:53 am
8:54 am
the dow will hit 20,000, there may be some that get there. and, this morning's money business. >> there are some stocks that can help get it there.
8:55 am
one of those to watch after a huge weekend at the box office. rogue one, helping take disney's stock up two dollars a share, 2%, there's the opening bell. some of those stocks reporting earnings this week. checking in on those numbers right now. it is up 19,000/19,000 -- 19,633 . -- sorry 863. and the nasdaq is up almost a half of a percent. and, they are launching a legal challenge. and, they are paying in back taxes. and, they ruled that they gave illegal benefits to apple. by helping the company reduce its tax bill for more than 20 years. the irish government says they misinterpreted irish laws. ireland has one of the lowest corporate tax rates making it
8:56 am
pretty attractive to do global business. and -- vine isn't going away after all. they will let you post videos and, in october they announced a plan to shut it down but, they will be available next month. the next stock to watch they will be facing more competition. and, it's not just about the movie of course they're all those products. i'm sure that we will be under a lot of christmas trees. >> -- merriam-webster releases its word of the year.
8:57 am
8:58 am
welcome back caltrans should be back to suit -- back to normal. after a deadly incident on its tracks.
8:59 am
a train hit and killed someone and chestnut street about 9:30 pm. we have no word on the name of the victim. a man was seriously hurt at the port of oakland. and, it became trapped between shipping containers it happened around 2 pm on a cargo ship that had just arrived from los angeles. firefighters managed to build it . and, they were taken to highland hospital. merriam-webster has released its word of deer it is surreal and it means the intense the national reality of a dream or unbelievable. they say that the number of people looking up the word jumped after donald trump was elected president. a new study may make you enjoy your cup of coffee a little more. they found people who drink three or 4 cups of coffee a day
9:00 am
may lower the risks of alzheimer's by up to 27%. the institute found a combination of caffeine and antioxidants are likely factors. today at 9 am, a final attempt to block donald trump from the white house. >> it is a check and balance to the election. >> and, putting a little fun in your holiday giftgiving. and, plus glam services on the go live on the starbucks. yes. >> [music] he went to galileo high school johnny mathis looking at the union sq., christmas tree and welcome to mornings on to mac. thus two. -- 2. i am feeling


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